funniest shop I've ever seen....ever!

OH WOW.....be prepared to laugh. No, seriously (long pause), really be prepared to laugh. If this isn't the funniest Etsy shop you've ever seen, you have to let me know! Gary's Fine Jewelry and Stuff (8088Design's shop) offers beautiful necklaces made from razors, doll heads, lemonade containers, and more. It is actually quite refreshing! Here is my favorite and Gary's in his own words:

"I'm all out of lemonade so heres another necklace" cost: $29.64


"i drink lemonade with my vodka every night and im all out of lemonade. i dont know what to do oh wait i know ill make a new necklace. kevin is a stupid failure of a son and bought me a pack of juicy fruit the freshmaker he said it would help me stop smoking. i told him ill help his freeloader butt get a job. 30 years old and still lives with dad maybe he should be the one making necklaces. he has no motivation and he gets that from his dumb worthless mother ok brb phone ok im back it was those damn phone thieves looking to steal my money. i work hard for my money! i ran out of beads so i stole a whole bunch of stuff from kevins room. i dont know who heavy d and the boyz are but i know i dont like them already

the rock id for size comparison. i like to rock. my jewelry rocks."

A close-up of " i'm all out of lemonade so heres another necklace "

In this next necklace Gary uses his wife's razors and animal figures to get back at her. The beginning of the description reads:

"i hope you like living with steve he's fat and he smells like crap. i found some of your razors and makeup so guess what theyre mine now while you're at it why dont you take your worthless son too. you took everything else!!!!"

Here is the first close-up of this awesome necklace appropriately titled:

"take this Julie all of your razors are now part of my pretty necklace"

This close-up is even better. He's stuffed one of Julie's little fox stuffed animals in the toy's head. It's like he's hiding it.

Needless to say, crying-laughing, rolling on the floor, it took me a good 35 minutes to get through his 6 listings. You absolutely HAVE to check out 8088Design's shop and Gary's Fine Jewelry! His shipping policies and pricing are hillarious!



Ok, I've decided it's time. Or, as my husband would say, it's time to call "knock it off." Our basement storage area is out of control. All that comes to mind is the show Hoarders. Have you seen this on A&E? It's terrifying. We have lived in our house for one year and the piles of randomness have been slowly building.

Time is up. I need to get serious and invest in some organization! Here are some finds that have inspired me to get my act together.

Suitcase, bin, shelve, hook. I need to start to use these!
I love love love this vintage case by Get Ready, Set, Go!
Great for DVDs, CDs, Computer and Camera wires, cables, etc.!

20 of these on my wall would be a good start.
Perfectly simple hooks by Altered Iron.

Tired old ugly cardboard boxes no more.
Shelves of bins like this would keep anyone inspired to be organized all day long!

LOVE these upcycled billboard banner storage bins by NottyPooch

And for a little extra room! I can find all sorts of things to store in this
1960's vintage storage box by Julie McCorkle!

So, now that I have the proper inspiration, I need to execute the cleaning and storing of the randomness that is my basement!


attitude check!

Nothing like the Winter X Games to make you feel lazy! If you read my previous post, you know I'm digging deep to embrace the Fa-Reeee-Zing temps. After watching awesome snowboarding and skiing events in the Winter X Games my husband and I decide we need to stop whining about the cold and get out for the day.

♥Here are some awesome finds to help me embrace the season♥

Snow is in the Air by Red Bird Ink

So, do we rent some snowmobiles or going skiing. What to do with this cold snow!? With a 4 and 6yr old, we decide cross-country skiing on trails with small hills would be a great start. We had a blast! I think my four year old, Frankie did the best.

this vintage pocket mirror has to be in your pocket when skiing!
"Snow Bunny" by McYarnpants

what a great shot of a Cedar Waxwing. the iced-over berries look yummy!
Winter Bird by Erica Takes Pictures

Erica says: "I was at my great-grandma's house on a very cold, snowy Sunday morning and decided to get out my camera and take some pictures."

Seriously, If Erica can get outside on a cold day with her camera, sit, and wait for the shot.... we have no excuse!