the novelty has worn off!

Last year was our first winter back in MN after living in the South for 10 years. We had fun skating, sledding, shoveling and reacquainting ourselves with winter fun. I'm over it. The novelty has definitely worn off. It is not even the end of January and my 6 year old asked when it was going to be summer again. I seriously could have cried. I think I did a little.

Thankfully my husband surprised me with an extra ticket to his work conference in Orlando in a couple weeks. Do you think he detects my self-diagnosed seasonal depression? It's crazy, the minute I read the itinerary to Orlando the kink in my neck disappeared. My body is ready for some Vitamin D! Anyone else feeling chilly this month? I'm guessing the second winter back is the toughest!? That is to say, the year I need to get through to break me. no?


kayjayoh said...

I am right there with your 6 year old. When is it going to be summer again?

(I am almost 34, have lived in WI my whole life, and I still chomp at the bit for warm weather come this time of year.)

Take heart! The summer will just be sweeter after this.


The Peanut Butter Bandit said...

Here Here. I can't wait for Spring. It's freezing in NJ right now! Can I join you in Orlando?


Annette said...

I'm so not a winter person!! When everyone else is jumping up and down when fall is here, I'm cringing because it just means winter is right around the corner!! Give me summer any day!!!

Tracie Seed said...

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katy said...

i'm in the south and still feeling the same way! my body is craving spring and warmth. i do feel like a wimp, as this is my first winter in georgia after living in new york for six years. i guess growing up as a california girl ruined me for life!
have fun in orlando... super jealous ;)

Emily said...

found you in the forums...my sister-in-law lives in Minneapolis (great city!)...following!

GadgetGear said...

I have lived in Michigan all of my life so you would think I should be used to winter but every year I last about 4 weeks before I'm ready for spring to be here :P